That’s us. Maria & Linda.

We grew up in the wild east of Germany, in the Harz Mountains to be precise.
We’ve been friends for years and years, but that’s not the only thing
that connects us but furthermore the urge to discover new things and to capture everything
with our cameras.Due to a few different and crazy detours wemboth landed in Hildesheim a few
years ago. This is where we live, love and work. But every once in a while the wide world calls us. Small and
big adventures, travels, people, emotions. This is life and we wish to capture it. But to stop the rambling:
We love photography and we love what we do.

maria-und-linda_hochzeitsfotograf_hildesheim_1 maria-und-linda_hochzeitsfotograf_hildesheim_2


Our work

At your wedding we are not only your photographers or service providers.
We’re in it with every cell of our bodies, with passion and emotion. We’re not there to take a
few nice pictures. We see, feel and capture what makes you special- what makes your love unique.
We’d like to be there for you in every second. We will dry your tears of joy, laugh with you,
experience and celebrate your special day. You must feel comfortable and have trust. Tell us your story,
let your hair down and together we can make something great.

Let’s do this!



As seen on: – Eine Reise durch Thailand – Island in Bildern – It’s Roadtrip Time – Instagram Empfehlungen
Travel Dates 2017

 January – South Tyrol
February –  Vietnam, Thailand
 August – Italy
August – Iceland
October – Nepal